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Trade Opportunities
Tea, the oldest beverage is fast becoming more and more popular for its energising as well as health promoting properties. The goodness of tea is being lauded increasingly by the upper echelons of the society as well as the masses, and tea is being increasingly used for diversified requirements like health benefits, stress guards, safeguarding and cure against general ailments, beauty treatments and the likes.

This mass awareness and demand for quality and variety at affordable rates is a massive paradigm shift in mainstream consumer consciousness for 'quality at affordable rates'.

With tea perceived at an ultimate drink, rich in anti-oxidants and various minerals, the demand has gone up in leaps and bounds. You can also represent Kho-Cha®, a leading and reputed brand in your district, zone and country on exclusive basis.

We invite companies, firms and individuals who have a knack for marketing, distribution along with financial soundness may contact us with full details and profile.

We provide full marketing support worldwide through our website, online marketing, participations in trade fairs in various countries etc.

For more details contact us now, we will be glad to discuss business opportunities with you in detail.

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