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Why shopping with Kho Cha Tea is 100% secure?

PayPal’s industry-leading fraud prevention measures and one-of-a-kind method of keeping your financial information private from any seller make paypal a safe way to pay online. Plus, Paypal offer the following to protect your purchases:
  • 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account
  • Dispute resolution on PayPal purchases

100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

With PayPal, you’re protected against unauthorized payments sent from your account.
PayPal sends an email confirmation of every account transaction.
If you receive confirmation of a transaction you don’t recognize, our 24/7 customer support team will help you sort out the situation.


Dispute resolution on PayPal purchases.

When you pay with PayPal, you gain access to a forum for dispute resolution called the Resolution Center. Through it, you can file a claim against:

A physical good that you paid for but never received.
A physical good you purchased on eBay that is significantly different than what
   was described in the listing.

Dispute Resolution specialists gather information about your transaction and help you resolve the issue. Throughout the process, you’ll be advised of your claim’s status via email and on your Account Overview page. For specific terms and conditions, please review the Buyer Complaint Policy in our User Agreement.

Shop Without Sharing Financial Information

Paypal help prevent identity theft.
One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from identity theft is to keep your financial information private. PayPal enables you to pay without sharing your financial information with any sellers.

100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account.
Not only do we help keep your financial information private, we guarantee 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

Ways to stay safe when you’re not using PayPal.
- If you must enter personal or financial information online, make sure you’re on a secure website
- Review your credit card and bank statements for transactions you don’t recognize

PayPal Helps Keep You Safe

Paypal comprehensive fraud-prevention program is one of the key reasons PayPal is a safe way to pay online.

Paypal monitor transactions 24/7.
We believe that innovation and careful analysis is the way to beat fraud. That’s why PayPal has developed industry-leading models to review every transaction—and help detect suspicious activity.

Experts work behind the scenes to help protect you.
We have a team of agents worldwide who work to help shield you from fraud and identity theft.
- If we suspect fraud in your account, we’ll contact you immediately
- We work with authorities to shut down fraudulent websites

PayPal's Fraud Investigation Team stops criminals.
Our Fraud Investigation Team is dedicated to creating a safe PayPal community. Our team includes former law enforcement officials who:
- Identify and help prevent fraud before it occurs
- Work with law enforcement around the world to help stop online criminals


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