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Tips Of Traveling

You may come up to the Hills for a sojourn or an extended stay over the weekend, but, you can even spend a month simply absorbing the peace of nature.

Golden Tips – Darjeeling broadly suggests three packages for Darjeeling to ensure that you make the most of your vacation.
Regular Holiday
Call of the Wild
Off Beat

Regular HolidayWeary souls looking to rejuvenate the mind and body can plan a short trip of two to three days in Darjeeling, spending time scuttling between tea gardens , enjoying a one hour joy ride in the famed Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and taking those leisurely walks around the Mall. Within three days you can also visit the various places of tourist interest and spend time picking up local arti facts from the numerous curio shops dotting this hill resort.

For those wanting to explore the Hills, we suggest that you spend at least five days in the region. You could start your vacation by spending a night beside the picturesque lake at Mirik before heading towards Darjeeling for three days. You could then take a three hour drive to Kalimpong and spend two nights visiting the numerous flower nurseries in this quiet town before wrapping up your holiday.


Call Of The WildIf you are looking for some adventure we suggest that you come to Darjeeling without making any detour and head straight for the famous Rhododendron trail along the Indo-Nepal border. You can start the trek from Maneybhanjyan- a border town, and spend between three to five days to reach Sandakhphu and Phalut situated at an altitude of more than 12,000 feet. There are numerous trekking huts along the route to make your vacation as comfortable as possible. One can also hire the robust Land Rovers to take you to Sandakhphu within six to seven hours. The best time to trek is usually during October and November. The region experiences snowfall from mid-December to February end. Apart from the breathtaking alpine scenery one can also witness an awesome sunrise. Both Mount Everest (the highest mountain in the world) and Mount Kanchenjunga (third highest mountain and considered to be the most beautiful) offer your stunning views all along the trail. One could take a sip of the local brew made from the Rhododendron flowers.

Other trekking routes in Kalimpong

Kalimpong-Relli River- Kaffer-Lolaygoan-Lava-Algarah- return to Kalimpong via Dr Graham's Homes and Tirpai Hill. (approx 4 days) Kalimpong -Durpin Dara -Samthar busty and return to Kalimpong (approx 2 days).

Please contact your tour operators or the DGHC tourism office to guide and advise you about the possibility of trekking on any given date.

You can also stay in DGHC and forest guest houses and spend a couple of days in the jungles at Lava, Lolagoan and Kafer. To visit these places one need not come to Darjeeling but could head for the destination via Kalimpong. You are however advised to confirm your bookings well in advance as these places have limited accommodation facilities.

Those who prefer white water rafting should spare a day during their stay in Darjeeling and take a one and half hour drive down to Teesta Bazar.

You will have to sign the “Assumption of Risk and Release” bond before undertaking the trip.

Foreign Tourists

Foreigners are required to carry their passport as it has to be produced while signing the “Assumption of Risk Release” bond and also before crossing the Teesta Bridge.


1. A set of dry clothes.
2. Extra pair of sneakers or any other footwear
3. Suntan/Sun screen lotion
4. Shorts.


Alochol is not permitted at least six hour prior to the river trip. People suffering from epilepsy, weak heart condition or any other serious aliment are discouraged from rafting.

If you are planning an overnight stay at Teesta there is an accomodation facility available at Chitrey Wayside Inn.

Restaurant serves Indian, Chinese and Continental food. Dormitories, double room and double deluxe rooms are available at the Wayside Inn.

(Contact DGHC Tourism for advance bookings. Local Travel Agents can also arrange for white water rafting and accommodation.

Recommended for non-swimmers Only for swimmers
1. Melli to 29th Mile (1.5 hours) 1. Tarkhola to Malli (2 hours)
2. Melli to Kalijhora (3 hours) 2. Tarkhola to 29 Mile (3 hours)

Off BeatIf you are looking for an exclusive destination, we suggest that you visit some nondescript hamlets in the hills. These villages are situated far from the maddening crowd and offer you a rare opportunity to stay with the local families and be a part of their traditional lifestyle. Most of thesehome stays also offer cultural programmes in the evenings which will give you an insight on the diverse culture of the region.

Bungkulung is fast catching the imagination of those tourists looking to spend their holiday in the lap of nature.The valley is situated about 20 kilometers from Mirik and has moderate climate during the winters. Fishing and horse riding are common pastimes for tourists.

Tinchulay and Bara Mangmaya are other well known off beat destinations in the hills. Pedong near Kalimpong is also gaining popularity as an ideal village tourism destination. (Tourists usally stay for two to three daysin these exclusive locations except for Pedong where a two-night stay should suffice).

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