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About Us

Quality within your reach

They say, "quality doesn't come cheap". We say, "quality comes at an affordable price".

Kho-Cha®, a Japanese word, means Black Tea. Today, however, it has become synonymous with quality teas, by the history of Japanese insistence on quality.

Kho-Cha® was the brainchild of some Darjeeling based entrepreneurs, who understood the need for availability of quality teas at an affordable price.

Established in 1930 with the support of some Darjeeling based Tea Planters, it started operations in specialised bulk tea-trading, blending, and exports to select customer range, especially in Japan and other countries including Holland, Germany and small pockets of other European countries.

Kho-Cha®'s large exports to Japan led to proximity to Japanese tea connoisseurs and their specialised requirements at affordable prices. This brought about the concept of 'quality teas at an affordable price with intelligent blending'. Thus, the art of intelligent blending was mastered, which began to be savored by the whole world.

Meanwhile, along with exports, offtake of quality teas also increased in the local market. This came with increased consumer consciousness and realisation that 'tea could be relished without a hole in the pocket'. Thus KHO-CHA® DARJEELING TEA BUREAU was born in order to streamline production and packaging to cater to the increasing local demand with a strong back up from the established KHO-CHA® brand. Operations today, are more organised, properly co-ordinated and handled efficiently.

We invite you to savour the taste and goodness of tea without burning the whole in your pocket, click here to view our products.

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